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Aktion honor
Honors not only witnessed the growth of APEC, but also reminded the company to always focus on the quality of each product details, from the procurement of stainless steel raw materials, finished products to the factory design from product design to quality testing, security people with incredible focus To ensure that the quality of the details, so as to greater strength in the field of domestic and foreign markets to win reputation.
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About Aktion

1999 Yongkang AKTION tool factory was established。

2001 Expansion of domestic production of stainless steel, AKTION leadership of the national sales.

2002 In 2002 the introduction of Swiss technology and new equipment to produce high-precision tweezers.

2003AKTION has its own mold workplaces, the flexibility to customize samples to meet customer needs.

2005 Construction of the new AKTION has been completed。

2006 AKTION Pour into the money ready to trim。

2007 AKTION set up foreign trade team。

2010 Improve and perfect the product structure, human resources management, and once again expand domestic and foreign trade.

2011 The introduction of advanced production line of glass fiber feet, the production of high-quality glass fiber feet.

Founded in 1999, Yongkang AKTION Industry & Trade Co., Ltd has been focusing on producing all kinds of stainless steel tweezers. The products are mainly used in the sewing textile industry, medical and electronic watch industry, the product quality, Good reputation to win a huge market share. An credible in 2006 invested a lot of money to prepare scissors production lines, high-quality yarn cut by the vast number of consumers at home and abroad the support and favor.

AKTION has a professional mold workshop, independent research and development, manufacture all kinds of tweezers die, can be fast and flexible according to customer needs, sample custom.

The factory introduced the principle of "small profits but quick turnover" to provide 0EM brand processing, according to the need to OEM, warmly welcome domestic and foreign wholesalers, distributors, procurement, to provide high-quality measuring tape, Business to Han came to discuss business, learn from learning.......[See more]


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